Certified Fiber Optic Networks Design Specialist (CFOS/D)



This certification covers the particulars of how fiber optic networks are designed within the context of complete communications systems or construction projects.

This course is valuable for anyone working with fiber for voice, video and data applications, on an advance level to cover all the versatile and ever growing dimensions of fiber optic technology. It discusses all the theories, concepts and principles in depth related to fiber optics. Hands on atmosphere makes you confident to apply the knowledge in the field environment.
The focus is geared on the design. This includes network protocols, network configurations, optical cabling, industry communications standards, and determination of fiber count, hardware selection, splicing termination methods, cable system testing, troubleshooting and proper documentation.


CFOT Certification

Duration: 4 days

Certification: Certified Fiber Optic Network Design Specialist - CFOS/D

Mode: Fiber Optic Association (FOA) Certified Instructor led

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