Gigabit Passive Optical Network


Telecom requirements of home/corporate users have acquired new heights & dimensions as they are not limited to legacy telephone, fax, and limited internet services provided previously by technologies like ISDN, PSTN etc. Now last mile users have extended their requirement boundaries and expect a dedicated fiber or equivalent BW capable media at local premises (whether rural or urban) to accommodate their multi-service traffic requirements like Triple Play. Today’s service requirements are generally High Speed Internet, multiple VoIP lines, IP TV via servers, Satellite channels, & Video on Demand. PON has been found an excellent technology to fulfill above service requirements along with spare capacity for future applications like interactive gaming etc.

PON is liked due to its simplicity, lower cost, easy to operate/maintain, scalability, reliability, and adaptability. These benefits make it more acceptable among operators and corporate sector who don’t like to get involve in complexities & economics of competitive access technologies. PONs are getting increased share in last mile market day by day. This course addresses almost all fundamentals of GPON with different ways of implementation along with their technical explanation. It also teaches planning and designing of FTTx as per service & environment requirements.


Explore PON technologies supplying triple play services for last mile users. This course not only provides comprehensive theoretical background but also practices for estimation of network BW requirements as well as power budget calculations for different ODN designs.

Knowledge of Fiber, basic networking and Access Networks.

Tareget audience:
Engineers / Technicians / Marketing and Sales professionals / Fiber layout staff / Managers / Project team members/ Planners

Duration: 4 Days

Mode: Instructor led

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